A Look at Basketball

If you are amongst the few people that are completely uninterested during NBA season when every house is bustling around the television set and spending hours during game day sitting and cheering on the game, you probably feel a little left out. It is understandable to not have an interest towards basketball or any sport, after all, you are not obligated to like everything, however, if you are looking to develop an interest in the sport, or to at least understand it better, you can keep on reading below for a basic look into basketball rules for dummies.

Basketball is a team sport, so two different teams are pitted against each other, with 5 players on each team trying to defend their basketball hoop, and at the same time trying to score by scoring in the other team’s basketball hoop. There are a total of 4 quarters in basketball, where each quarter takes up a time of 12 minutes. So, a typical basketball game should last 48 minutes, however, it tends to get stretched out due to halftime, fouls, penalties and so on, so an average game can last up to 2 hours.

There are 10 basic rules of basketball, and within these rules are different clauses and subsections, but the entire thing is summed up in 10 rules. These rules cover a vast array of things like the basics of scoring, different types of violation, be it dribbling, 10 second violation, back court violations, foul shot violations, personal fouls, blocking and so on. When it comes to the scoring system, there are three different types of throws that have different points. Free throws, which are the most basic are worth one point, a field goal is worth 2 points, and  a 3-pointer, like the name suggests, is worth 3 points.