Blocked Drain? Two Fixes Which Can Be Achieved Through Everyday House Items

It is truly annoying when we are washing our face and suddenly the water starts filling up in the sink, or when we are taking a nice shower and then we feel the water up till our ankles. This is due to a blocked drain.

A blocked drain is a common household occurrence which is more frequent than we care to admit. The common reason for a blocked drain is mainly due to substances like hair creating a clog and since it is so frequent, we wonder about the rising cost that we spend to fix this blockage on a yearly basis. To save up, here are some of the tips that you can benefit from and undertake using common household items. However useful, it must be noted that if the clog refuses to get fixed through these methods, then it is best to contact a plumber. There are now many professional service providers like, which even take the use of CCTV cameras to determine the exact cause of a clog.

A Straightened Out Hanger

For the first method, you will only be needing a wired hanger. The first thing that you will need to do is to straighten out the whole hanger into a seemingly straight line and then turning the wire to create a small hook on one end. Now your wire is ready to fish out all the gunk that is clogging your drain.

The Chemistry of Baking Soda And Vinegar

You will need 1/3rd cup of both the ingredients and then combine them together. On combining, a chemical reaction will take place that will cause the mixture to fizz and you need to pour this fizzing mixture down the clogged drain. Leave it there for at least an hour and then pour down warm water.