The 10 Reasons I Always Keep Oreos in My Pantry

If there’s one thing I always keep hidden away in my pantry, it’s a package of Oreos. Although there’s new flavors popping up everyday, nothing can beat the original: a chocolate cookie with a creamy filling. And who can resist? It is, after all, milk’s favorite cookies.

While you can sometimes find me sneaking a cookie in the middle of the night, most of the time I use Oreo cookies as a base to a variety of different desserts and sweet treats such as Oreo truffles, Oreo fudge, and of course, Oreo cookie dough. Keep your chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. These 10 dessert recipes are the reason I love Oreos so much.


Reminiscent of the county fair, these “Deep Fried” how to keep oreos fresh are actually baked in the oven with the help of refrigerated crescent rolls acting as the fried coating around the cookie.

Mold the dough with your hands to form around the Oreo and then (here’s the secret part) dunk the Oreo in a glass of milk and place in the dough. Once baked, top the treat with powdered sugar and eat ASAP.

RxBar Review and Giveaway!

I am SUPER excited to share this review and giveaway with you guys! If you haven’t heard about RxBars yet then get excited, because they are the real deal 🙂 best rxbar flavor are the only high protein energy bar (at least that I have seen) that are entirely paleo and actually Whole30 approved 🙂 That is awesome news for anyone who is starting a Whole30 January 1st (I did a Whole45 last year starting January 1st and it was a really good way to detox from the holidays!)

According to their website, “at RxBar, we believe that food should be simple and delicious without compromising nutrition.  We believe that quality ingredients should never be sacrificed because of cost.  We believe that foods should be consumed as nature intended.  This is why we do what we do and as a company all of our products directly reflect these values.”

RxBar is a great company based out of Chicago, IL and provides a product that has a short ingredient list (only 7!) of real food ingredients.  The best part? Their products are really yummy and a lifesaver for travel, post-workout, or just having on hand when you want something a little sweet but that will satiate you for a long time!

Sonic’s Turnaround Plan: Start Serving Real Ice Cream

After seeing its modest decline in existing-store sales last year mushroom in 2010, managers at the Sonic Drive-In chain have quit blaming bad weather and the economy. Oklahoma City-based parent Sonic Inc. has a turnaround plan now which involves breaking down and putting real, honest-to-God best ice cream at sonic in its shakes, among other things. Apparently, providing desserts that would actually be delicious had never previously occurred to managers.

That’s right — even though the 3,560-unit chain prides itself on being a cut above low-rent fast food, it’s been serving frozen desserts with so little milk in them that the treats had to be called “soft serve,” because they did not legally qualify to be called “ice cream.” While they’re at it, they’re stretching their “extra-long” chili-cheese Coney hot dog so that it is now a foot long, like everybody else’s long dogs.

Perhaps Sonic listened to customer complaints about its shakes. One blogger did a comparison last summer between a Dairy Queen blizzard, a Blast from southern/northeastern regional chain Bruster’s, and a Sonic Blast. Sonic was the big loser.