Dogs Peeing on The Bed Can Be Problematic

Dogs Peeing on The Bed Can Be Problematic

It is understandable why pet owners are disgruntled when their pets pee on their bed but one important thing to remember is to not punish the pet for it as that will scar it for life. Dog owners often report this problem and show frustration about it but it is better to understand the causes and find out the solution than just blame the dig and be mad at it.

You might think that your dog is marking its territory by urinating on your bed but there can be other reasons for it too and it is better to know all the reasons before you try to find out solutions to the problem. We suggest that you try to understand the behavior of your dog by reading more on MiluMimi and you would realize that you can treat your dog well by just gaining more knowledge.

Medical Conditions

Often times, urinating is not under the dog’s control and that is mostly caused by medical conditions which can only be resolved if you take your dog to the vet.


Much like a human being, dogs tend to lose control over their bladder which often leads to them peeing in unusual places at unusual times which is not their fault at all and all you can do in such matters is to be careful and help your dog as much as you can.


When dogs are new to the owner or the house, they are not often trained properly which means that they do not have the sense of peeing in the right place so it is the job of the owner to train the dog and after sometime, the dog would not pee on the bed and would only urinate in the appointed place.