Social Media Privacy Tips

Social Media Privacy Tips

Maintaining your privacy on social media is one of the most important things that you can do. The fact of the matter is that the internet is in many ways a lot like the Old West. It can be a lawless place, and people often don’t know what their rights are or whether they even have rights in the first place. In such a time you need to do as much as you can to protect your privacy, so here are some tips that you can implement in order to make the process a bit easier than it would have been otherwise.

One thing that you can do is to only grant your camera access to your location when you need this to happen. You can rescind permission whenever you want, and you should avail this option because of the fact that social media apps are notorious for tracking your location and selling this information to brands so that said brands can advertise to you based on where you are and the places that you frequently go to.

You should also deselect the option for automatic login. This saves your password on a server that is less protected than you might think. Facebook has already had numerous break ins by malicious actors over the course of 2018, and a number of people had their passwords stolen. If you want to avoid this happening to you, make sure that you use a few extra seconds to log in to your account manually instead of letting the app do it automatically.

Social media privacy is something we should all invest our time and effort into. Quantum is a great place to learn more about how social media could potentially end up affecting your life rather negatively if you aren’t careful.

Easy Guide to Cloud Computing

Easy Guide to Cloud Computing

If you have been around anyone, you must have heard that cloud computing is taking over the industry and that it has revolutionized the tech industry without a doubt. If you have decided to bring your business online then you absolutely need to adopt cloud computing or you would never be able to succeed fully.

JAVAPipe can provide you with cloud computing services and more if you just contact the company. Before you go on to hire any company, you should at least know some basics of cloud computing so that you can get a good package that is perfectly tailored to your company’s needs so let us talk about those.

Versions of Cloud

The two main versions of cloud that you need to know about are Software-as-a-Service, also known as Saas, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, which is also known as Iaas. If you choose to go for Saas, the provider of cloud computing would host your company’s applications and you would be able to access all that via a web browser. You would be paying a monthly fee for that. Now coming to Iaas, you will be provided with physical servers, virtual machines, storage, sources and connectivity resources. If you choose this option, your company should know how to handle the operating system and virtual machines as the provider would only be taking care of infrastructure hardware.

New Technology

Even though cloud computing is not such a new technology; it is a lot better than the previous options. Many companies do not have enough storage space to handle all their data and they often waste money on building more storage centers. If you are facing such a problem, all you need to do is adopt cloud computing and you would not face any kind of storage space.

Your VPN is Your Best Friend

Your VPN is Your Best Friend

If you’re here reading this article without a VPN connection, you’re about to learn something very important that will help you get more out the internet in ways you didn’t even know were possible. People who don’t know what VPN is actually for are actually ashamed to be found with a  VPN app on their phones since they’re worried about how someone might assume that they were watching something that’s frowned upon in some countries (Oh, you know exactly what we’re talking about).

The truth in this is that VPN connections can indeed grant you access to websites and content that you’re not allowed to view in your country. Even now, chances are that you’re only seeing parts of what you could be seeing on a website but you have no way of knowing if your content is restricted unless you remove those restrictions. You can do this and so much more with a VPN app – see, there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

With a VPN connection, you can view schweizer-fernsehen or Swiss TV shows and movies from anywhere in the world since your VPN will place you on Swiss servers without you having to actually be there. This is very useful but that’s still not all VPNs can do for you; they can also keep you safer on the web. The internet is a vast space and there’s a lot of harmful viruses and even people out there who would try to break into your computer and steal your information. With a VPN connection, you can make it much harder for these threats to ever make their way to you. VPN connections are easy to set up and very cheap as well but their benefits are seemingly endless.

What to Look For in a Gaming TV

What to Look For in a Gaming TV

Many would say that console gaming is a lot more convenient because there are not a lot of factors that need to be put into consideration. Plus, the overall cost is low as well, because you only spend on console once, and the rest of the cost usually goes towards the games. You might need to invest in a TV, but even that is something that people usually have.

Speaking of that, I think a 32 inch gaming tv is more than enough for a smooth console gaming experience that most people are normally looking forward to. As for this article, I am going to take a look at what a person should look for in a gaming TV if they are in the market to buy one. After all, you don’t want your purchase to go to waste.

The Ports

Normally, one of the most important thing that you need to look for in a TV is the ports. You have to make sure that the TV you are buying supports HDMI, because that is the standard port for your consoles. In addition to that, if you are planning on using TV speakers for audio, make sure that all the right audio ports are available, as well as that the speakers are powerful enough.


Although most of the games are being run on 1080p, if you own a PS4 Pro, or an Xbox One X, then you are going to need to buy a TV that supports 4K resolution for the best possible experience. It is subjective for some, but definitely an important thing to consider as it can make or break the experience. There is no point in playing 4K games on a 1080P TV, because it loses the functionality.

Factors to Take Into Consideration While Selecting a Software For Helpdesks

Factors to Take Into Consideration While Selecting a Software For Helpdesks

For all the people out there who have just start their new businesses and are in search of a good helpdesk software, we all understand how big of a hassle it is to actually find the right one amidst all other software programs that are present in the market. A lot of people have difficulties because they really do not know where they should start looking from and to be honest, with the amount of variants present in the market, there are a lot of problems that come along with it, confusion, for one is the biggest problem people tend to encounter. However, one good thing about markets today is that everything is available online which is why you can use the internet as a useful tool in doing research and it also tends to give people the clarity and perspective that they needed. There are a ton of review websites and blogs that you can check out and see if you like any of them.

However, here, we will be telling you an easy way to find the best helpdesk software for your business and if you want a recommendation then you should look into freshdesk competitors. Apart from that we will discuss some of the things that you should take into consideration while looking for a good helpdesk software, check them out below.


If you are looking for a helpdesk software and you have a list in mind. Once you have listed them down, now start looking for reviews on each one of them and see if you can find the right one for yourself. However, make sure the reviews that you are counting on are reliable and have genuine thoughts of the user instead of paid ones that will only rave about the software’s ups and never talk about the negatives.