Dentures vs. Implants

Dentures have changed a lot over the past few decades. For the longest time people have seen dentures as the fake oversized teeth that our grandparents have in their mouths and they put them in a glass of cleaning solution at night. Dentures have often been used in a joking manner on tv shows and there have been many gags about them in movies and shows. However, dentures are not like that anymore. The over the counter drug store dentures have changed quite a bit now and they are a lot better. You do not have to worry about your speech mumbling or sounding weird when you speak. There is also little chance of your dentures actually falling out or slipping away from their position since they are now made to fit your mouth shape and the dimensions are taken accordingly. A dental mold is taken of your mouth and it is sent forward to a lab to get the shape right. Dentures are relatively cheap compared to other options, they can be removed when needed, and if they are made by experts, they can look very real.

However, quite a lot of people still have a few problems with dentures. Many people do not like the things that actually are considered positives by other people. For example, the idea of removing the dentures is not convenient to some people as it is simply a reminder that their teeth are not there anymore. The dentures also feel a lot more real but they still do not function quite as well as a implants that are rooted in to the jaw bone. With the implant, people feel that the tooth feels absolutely real and can be used as a legitimate replacement. You can click here to learn more about choosing dental implants.