How to Detect a Real Diamond?

Diamond is perhaps the most gemstone out of all and one look at a diamond will tell you why. It is true that the popularity of diamonds rose after they were deemed the official gemstone for engagement rings. Everyone loves a real diamond but do you know that there are manmade diamonds too? Manmade diamonds are not as precious as the real ones and they are never considered as an alternate for them because everyone knows the worth of a natural diamond.

If you want to buy diamond and other gemstones jewelry, you can go to this site. Once you check out the website, you will find many intricate and glorious pieces of jewelry there. People often opt to purchase diamonds from unconventional places which can be dangerous because there is a chance that they might get stuck with fake diamonds. In order for you to avoid that, we have written down some tips that will help you recognize the real deal.

Buy a Loupe

This is not a conventional advice but we feel that people who often purchase gemstones should have a loupe with them. Even if you are planning to buy diamond jewelry once or twice in your life, having a loupe is a good option and it does not cost you much. It is a magnifying glass of sorts that will allow you to see the imperfections of the diamond. If you find that there is not a scratch on it then it is possible that it is manmade because natural diamonds do have some scratches on them. Too many and deep scratches are not good as they reduce the value of the diamond.

Safe Purchase

The best tip we can give you is to purchase precious gemstones from only professional sellers as they only sell real diamonds.