How to Tell That Your Boiler is Too Old

Water heating boilers are usually advertised as being good for use for at least 15 years. However, what many people do not know is that this number comes through optimal use, and since most people are unable to provide optimal conditions for a boiler, then boiler may be at its best for a shorter period of time. You should ideally start looking for signs that your boiler is not working properly after you have had it for ten years. If an issue comes around before that then you should get it checked and fixed up but after 10 years, any major issue can mean the boiler is beyond repair. In this article we will be talking about ways in which you will be able to tell that the boiler no longer works properly and that you need to get a new one. To learn more about boilers and when you should think about switching up or getting it fixed, you can go and visit

So the first thing that you need to do is check if the water in your house is properly colorless. After about 10 years of use, the boiler will catch a bit of rust on the inside and that rust will mix up with the water. Now this could be subtle and come through as a slight tinge of color, or it could be more extreme with small pieces of solidified rust coming through your taps. You should check that this does not come through galvanized pipes though. The method of checking this is simple as well, just fill up a few buckets with water, if the rust stays there past the third bucket then you may have a problem and you should get the boiler changed.