The No Sleep Cycle Needs to Break Already

There is a lot wrong with our current generation but one of the things that everyone needs to address right away is the fact that they aren’t sleeping right. In fact, we’d go far enough to say that sleep deprivation is an epidemic these days. With all the mental and physical strain that the day puts on us, it’s no wonder why we’re so weary all the time but we just cannot rest no matter how tired we feel and that’s because we can’t relax ourselves.

You could go to bed on time after tiring yourself out and you’ll actually end up sleeping but before you know it you’ll be wide awake again in the middle of the night and tired in the morning. It’s a cycle that keeps on repeating itself and it takes a huge toll on your mental and physical health, even though your poor mental and physical health is what caused it in the first place. This is what we like to call the no sleep cycle and it’s something you need to break out of to be productive and healthy.

A lot of people end up going to the doctor about their sleep problem, claiming that they have insomnia and some doctors will even prescribe you sleeping pills that are only to be taken by people with anxiety. According to a post on SolveHer, there’s a way to tackle your sleep deprivation problem without using medications that will force you to rely on them for sleep all the time; what you need to do is to use natural supplements that can improve the quality of your sleep.