Things to Know About Ping Pong

As ping pong is a popular sport played all around the world, it has certain rules and regulation as well that come under the Laws of Table Tennis. If you are an amateur and have just started playing then before you start playing ping pong professionally you should first be aware of these rules and regulations.

An average ping pong or table tennis paddle is approximately 6 inches in width and about 10 inches in length. If you use a regular paddle then it will probably be in the specified dimensions, however, if you get your customized then you should make sure that they are within the acceptable range of dimensions.

If there are other materials such as carbon fibers used in the blade of your paddle then it should not exceed 15 percent. The blade should be mostly constructed from wooden material and must be flat. Your blade should be covered with rubber on both sides and each side will have two different colors for strategic purpose. One side should be black while the other one should be red. The rubber material should be pimpled or sandwiched, and it should not be altered chemically. The rubber material should only cover the length of your blade. Only minor changes to your paddle are allowed. Also before the game starts the paddles of both players are examined by the umpire.

It is essential that you buy your ping pong paddle from authentic sources and are also approves by the ITTF. Even if an ITTF equipment may not suit your taste if you are a novice player, keep in mind that as you progress and grow your skills this equipment will be best suited for you in your table tennis or ping pong career.