What Makes a Good Razor For You

A lot of us go by our entire times without really giving much thought into our choice of razor. Some of us go to razor aisle and pick up anything randomly, while there are some that might be devoted to a certain company, however, none of us put a lot of thought into what makes for a good razor and how one can judge a good razor from a bad one. Turns out there are a lot of ways one can differentiate between a good and bad razor and why a certain razor is a good razor.

First of all, this is matter of fact, but a good razor gets the job done. By this we mean that the razor ensure a smooth and consistent shave without having to use pressure and it does not cause any irritation, razor burns or rashes afterwards. Secondly, your razor should have a good grip. So, you need a razor that has a length that ensures a firm and better grip, allowing you to keep a steady hand as you go along your shave. Your razor should not weigh too light, and at the same time, it should not be so heavy that it causes problems in maneuverability.

Next comes the razor blade and designs. Now you can opt for standard razors and blades that are not aggressive, which is a good option for people with light or medium facial hair growth. However, for people who have thicker facial hair, they need a more aggressive razor blade to get the job done. An aggressive razor refers to a razor where the blade seems to protrude more out of the safety bar than other razor blades usually do. If you want to look for reviews on different types of razor blades, you can visit https://luxuryshavingrazors.com/safety-razor/merkur-futur-review/ for more information.